Feb 16, 2011 at 8:45 PM

I am using the version increment in my projects. I would like to see support for my projects. The GUID that VS uses to identify a solution is:

      5891B814-A2E0-4E64-9A2F-2C2ECAB940FE is an implementation of the xbase language (clipper,visual objects). I have had a brief look at the source but I have not spent nearly enough time to know all the places that would have to be changed inorder to support



Here is what the assemblyInfo.prg looks like:


// AssemblyInfo.prg


#using System.Resources


#using System.Runtime.CompilerServices


#using System.Runtime.InteropServices


#using System.Windows



// General Information about an assembly is controlled through the following

// set of attributes. Change these attribute values to modify the information

// associated with an assembly.


[assembly: AssemblyTitleAttribute("DP_Binding"


[assembly: AssemblyDescriptionAttribute(""


[assembly: AssemblyConfigurationAttribute(""


[assembly: AssemblyCompanyAttribute("Microsoft"


[assembly: AssemblyProductAttribute("DP_Binding"


[assembly: AssemblyCopyrightAttribute("Copyright © 2011"


[assembly: AssemblyTrademarkAttribute(""


[assembly: AssemblyCultureAttribute(""



// Setting ComVisible to false makes the types in this assembly not visible

// to COM components. If you need to access a type in this assembly from

// COM, set the ComVisible attribute to true on that type.

[assembly: ComVisibleAttribute(false



// The following GUID is for the ID of the typelib if this project is exposed to COM

[assembly: GuidAttribute("0ac716b2-1a0b-4885-9b3d-c4fadb5b4bc9"


[assembly: ThemeInfo( ResourceDictionaryLocation.None, ResourceDictionaryLocation.SourceAssembly )]


// Version information for an assembly consists of the following four values:


// Major Version

// Minor Version

// Build Number

// Revision


// You can specify all the values or you can default the Revision and Build Numbers

// by using the '*' as shown below:

[assembly: AssemblyVersionAttribute(""


[assembly: AssemblyFileVersionAttribute(""