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Missing support for Incrementing version at the Solution level


The option is there in the dialog to edit these properties at the solution level, but it doesn't do anything.

There is no way, that I can see, to keep multiple projects in sync with the same version #.


admiristrator wrote Apr 1, 2014 at 10:12 PM

The way I hope to work this is that all projects share a linked CommonAssemblyInfo.cs file which contains the version numbers to be updated.

Now, if I use increment, as EACH PROJECT is built, the number is incremented. So they have different version numbers as they get built, one at a time. That's bad.

If you can Increment just once before ANY SOLUTION BUILD event of one or many projects then all projects will be on the same version number.

Right now, even using a time stamp is complicated because if it starts building a 3:05 and is still building by 3:06, then the version numbers are different.

But I cannot just attach to one base file because Build Version Increment Add-In won't update if the project code is unchanged.