Assembly Info Filename and Versioning Style conflict

Dec 30, 2009 at 6:13 PM

When I use a linked "CommonAssemblyInfo.cs" file at the solution level to store my version information and try to use the Increment Versioning Style, the Version goes up by the number of projects I have.  For example, I have 13 projects in my solution and they all point to the CommonAssemblyInfo.cs linked file.  When I do a build, the Version increments by 13, instead of one.

Here's my suggestion: Add a True/False value called "Update Version in linked file".  If it is true, then the project level styles would be applied.  If it is false, no changes occur.  Something like this, maybe?

Another reason I don't want to use the AssemblyInfo.cs file in each project to control the versions is that the build automatically checks out the file from my TFS system and I am forced to do a Check-in of 13 AssemblyInfo.cs files each time I do a build.  I'd rather do it with only the linked file.