EnvDTE80.dll inconsistent version

Aug 20, 2009 at 8:28 PM

Hi guys,

First of all -- very good product!

I had some issues to make it to work and I'd like to share my experience.  

First, I installed BuildVersionIncrement v2.0 for VS2008.  It created the menu item under Tools and I was able to configure the add-in but it didn't work.  No error messages, no version change.  Then I tried several versions of the add-in from the past and got to the point where add-in reported the following error: "method not found EnvDTE80.ErrorList"

It appeared that I had 2 different versions of EnvDTE80.dll in the GAC.  The older version (8.0.50727.932) that was probably left behind by VS2005 beta didn't have all necessary methods.  I got rid of that dll and everything started to work with the new one.  Unfortunatelly, version 2.0 of the add-in doesn't report that error.  No matter, it works now and I'm pretty happy with that.