Feedback on format of version stamps

Nov 22, 2011 at 10:56 PM

This is a great idea and almost exactly what I was looking for since I manually update my versions on Release (to testing).  The format I use is taken from my days as a DNS administrator and the way I versioned DNS changes.

I use None.None.YYMM.DDBB where BB is the daily build number.  This is a simple way to ensure a value that will always increase and is easily translated to a date of release.

Unfortunately as it stands your add-in doesn't support that.

So what I would suggest is you allow a string format to be supplied that would be used against DateTime.Now or DateTime.UtcNow.  That wouldn't allow me to do exactly as I do now but it would allow something closer with "yyMM" and "ddHH" and allow all users of your add-in a greater degree of flexibility in formatting their version numbers.

A handy reference for string formatting is