Problems with multiple configurations

Jun 1, 2011 at 11:44 PM

I am getting the following messages:

BuildVersionIncrement: Checking project 'CDRDIAG'...
BuildVersionIncrement: Last Build:12/31/1600 5:00:00 PM (C:\SOURCE\CDRDIAG40\ClassifyDebug\DiscClassify.exe)
BuildVersionIncrement: Project 'CDRDIAG' is not modified

Problem 1 is that there are multiple configurations defined and this output file is associated with the first, not the currently being built configuration.  In the list of configurations, the current one is the fifth one down in the list.  I can see where the configurations are accessed in IsProjectModified, but it isn't clear to me how one would pick one from the collection.  Nor do I know enough to find out what the current configuration being built might be.

Problem 2 is that the output file doesn't exist and this fact not recognized.  Apparently, in GetCachedFileDate the fileDate object isn't being initialized at all, resulting in the date at the beginning of the epoc.  Not sure if this behavior is assured, but one would think that any date in the year 1600 would be OK for comparison purposes.

Finally, I have no idea why it is saying the project hasn't been modified.  Every file has a time later than the one being displayed in the year 1600.  The fact that no item is being displayed after the Last Build line sort of says it isn't finding any items at all.

This is a C++ project with VS 2010.  I am using a beta version which is identified as 2.4.11046.2045.